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VAICACAO®  Ceremonial Cacao


Inspired on the mesoamerican traditional cacao uses, we make our Holistic ceremonial cacao from single farm /origin specialty cacao from Central America, with no sugar or other ingredients added, and no tempering or counching. 

Everything is carefully made by us in order to give you the best cacao experience.

Our cacao It is pure, nutrient-dense, and minimally processed (stone ground).

We roast the cacao gently and stone grind it into a paste. Then we mold it into small blocks that we invite you to cut into shavings at home and blend with hot water or your favorite milk, plus optional spices such as cayenne, or rosemary and sage.

Savor slowly, with deep breaths, and let the cacao work its magic.  

Our Holistic cacao is, as the name suggests, more than just its physical form: it is a collaboration of intention. Farmers grow the cacao with intention, demonstrating respect for the cacao trees and the ecosystem.

We craft the cacao into drinking cubes with intention, feeling love for our craft and for chocolate lovers. And we invite you to prepare and savor this rich, healthful, and magical drink with intention, perhaps before or as part of meditation, after a long day, or anytime you’d like the wonderful feeling of openness and expansion the Cacao Spirit can inspire!

Cacao can facilitate a special journey through meditation, when we acknowledge the sacredness of pure cacao while experiencing it as a beverage as the ancients did.

This cacao drink is different from both US-style and European-style hot chocolate, because it is made from whole cacao, with no sugar, and because it is intended to be used as a delicious opportunity for mindfulness. Some say it opens the heart, and inspires creativity =)

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