Preparing Ceremonial Cacao


Ceremonial Cacao can be drunk as part of your daily healthy diet or prepared for a Cacao Ceremony. Here you will find recipes and an explanation of how cacao is used in modern ceremonies and how you can incorporate this superfood into your daily routine. 

How is Ceremonial Cacao prepared?

The finely chopped cacao paste is easy to dissolve in hot water or plant-based milk. You can whisk them into a frothy drink or use a blender. Chopping the cacao reveals the white specks of cacao butter, which make up about half of the bean mass and give the drink its creamy, rich texture. For a daily drink it is best to use between 15 and 20g of chopped cacao per person, and for ceremony a higher dose is traditionally used. Some swear by the slightly random figure of 42.5g per person, but, the freshness and quality of our cacaos means that, in practice, 30g is sufficient for ceremonial use. Traditionally, the drink is prepared with spices. You can add ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cardamom, vanilla or any other spice you like. Some also like to sweeten the drink with honey, dates or coconut blossom sugar.
Daily Cacao Recipe

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Modern cacao ceremonies are designed to help rebalance the energies within us and restore our health. They draw on sacred tradition and use cacao's medicinal properties to strengthen connections with themselves, others and the natural world. By opening the heart, cocoa can help us process past blockages and trauma and address repressed negative energies. Modern cacao ceremonies blend aspects of personal growth and mindfulness with other traditions and practices, including meditation, prayer, breathwork, yoga, chanting, music, and dance. You can find deals online or design your own ceremony! 


Ceremonial Cacao recipe

Can I use Ceremonial Cacao without the 'Ceremony'?

Yes! Ceremonial Cacao is increasingly used by individuals as part of a healthy diet, integrated into their daily routine (often in place of coffee) and to support their own personal practices. It can be enjoyed as a warm beverage, or added to smoothies, muesli or other delicious treats. The medicinal and mood-enhancing effects of natural cacao are proven and more and more people consume cacao for their well-being; to aid concentration, calm the nervous-system and boost their energy and creativity.

personal practices

Set an intention and feel the openness of heart and clarity that our ceremonial cacao can inspire!