Pricing Policy - Our Commitment to Fairness and Sustainability

When you shop at VAICACAO, you support our project and help us in our commitment to the ethical production of unique Cacaos. Our commitment to sustainability and the well-being of our farmers is undeniable. The loyalty of customers like you has been instrumental in bringing about positive change in our industry.

At VAICACAO we do our best to hold prices steady and accept market fluctuations, and we only raise prices when we note that the livelihoods of our farmers and ourselves require this. As a small ethical business, it is important for us that all (including ourselves) are paid fairly. We are building our business slowly, and developing longterm networks of trust and exchange.

Although VAICACAO is of the highest quality, we are by no means the most expensive on the market. We see our prices as realistic.
To keep unnecessary costs low, we choose to concentrate on the product, which we believe speaks for itself. We avoid fancy packaging and expensive marketing, using recyclable materials and growing our customer-base through word of mouth.

Operating costs for us and for the farmers we work with have risen sharply in the past year. Our prices are designed to meet the impact of the ongoing global energy crisis, widespread inflation of goods and services, and the impact of climate change on Cacao harvests in Central America.

Cacao farming is becoming increasingly difficult, and it is thanks to the strength and perseverance of farmers in the country of origin that we can continue to deliver unique Cacao to your homes. But during our visits to the plantations in 2023, we learned that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who want to work in agriculture, as many young people are migrating to the USA.

We promise you that we will continue to offer the best quality and to ensure that the price you pay for our cacao is used efficiently to to secure the livelihoods and futures of the farmers and to cover our running costs. Our ethos revolves around social and ecological sustainability, reduced plastic use and minimal waste generation. Charging a fair price is important to protect our artisanal processes and maintain our partnerships with farmers.