A Passion for Ceremonial Cacao

Our Ceremonial Cacao stands for the highest standards and responsible treatment of people and nature. At VAICACAO we produce high-quality cacao specialties with an eye on tradition and nutrition, offering fresh and energetic cacao perfect for ceremony, a superfood that has stood for health and spirituality in Central America for thousands of years.

The basis for this is the cacao bean in its pure form.


At VAICACAO we believe that the cultivation of cacao is possible in a way that is fair and respectful to both people and the environment. That is why we have been promoting the organic cultivation of cacao in Central America (where it originally comes from) for more than 15 years. In El Salvador we manage our own finca, but we also work with other farmers who act according to our guidelines. The focus is on traditional cultivation methods in order to minimize waste pollution and maximize environmental friendliness. While 70 percent of the cocoa beans produced worldwide in conventional cultivation today comes from West African countries, leading to deforestation of the tropical rainforest and the increasing use of pesticides and fungicides, we focus on sustainability, fair trade and ethical origin.


Often used as a coffee alternative, cacao is a superfood that deserves our full attention. This was the case with the Maya, Aztec and Nahua thousands of years ago. Ancient Mesoamerican cultures valued the properties of cacao and used it as a natural medicine. Today we know that cocoa contains many effective ingredients. Its high content of antioxidants (flavonols), minerals (including iron, zinc and magnesium) and vitamins has been proven and is valued by people who pay attention to a healthy, wholesome diet. In addition, Ceremonial Cocoa is rich in protein and fiber. Nutrition experts recommend consuming natural cacao for heart disease, stress, diabetes and dementia. Supportive properties are also attributed to cacao, which strengthening the immune system and the digestive tract.


Cocao has an effect on the mind that everyone can feel, a mood-enhancing effect caused by the happiness molecule anandamide, an endocannabinoid. Cacao also contains dopamine, serotonin and phenylethylamine (PEA) as well as the gentle stimulant theobromine. This combination means that high-quality cacao specialties literally make people happy. They stimulate the body gently, while relaxing at the same time, provide a euphoric feeling. There's a reason this description sounds familiar - it's the same sensations that come with being in love.


However, for quality and effect, it is crucial where cacao comes from and how it is processed. Conventional, industrially processed cacao is mass produced and has lost nearly all its beneficial properties through poor fermentation and the use of chemicals, additives, and excessive heat. On the other hand, the ceremonial cacao from VAICACAO contains only that which is needed for your health and ceremony. This is not only due to our environmentally friendly cultivation concept, but also to the way in which we produce high-quality cacao specialties. In our small workshop in the town of Olbia on the Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia, ceremonial cacao is prepared based on the example of the indigenous communities of Central America. The fermented beans are only lightly roasted, then ground with millstones to an original, raw texture and finally pressed into blocks as cacao paste. We do not use any sugar or preservatives at all.


Botanically, cacao trees belong to the Malva family. What we know as cacao beans are the seeds of the plant, which are enclosed in oval fruits that hang on the tree. Depending on the plant, variety and location, the beans develop individual flavors ranging from earthy to spicy and from fruity to sweet. So ceremonial cacao always has its own unmistakable note. For the indigenous communities that discovered cacao, there was much more at stake. For them it was medicine and an integral part of religious rituals. Cacao was considered a sacred plant that connected human and spiritual worlds.


Today, high-quality cacao specialties are being rediscovered for modern ceremonies. Mindfulness, meditation, contemplation and stillness play a decisive role. Ceremonial Cacao has become an anchor for stressed people in a fast-moving time, giving them support and a moment of pause. Everyone is free to create their own ritual and to use the cacao that offers them the greatest taste pleasure. The preparation is always the same: simply chop up a piece of the cacao paste and stir into hot water or plant-based milk. You can also use a whisk or mixer to create a frothy and creamy consistency.


What the Maya, Aztecs and Nahua valued and celebrated thousands of years ago is still tangible today. If you want to feel the magic of the cacao bean, try one of the specialties from our online shop and take the time for a moment of enjoyment and rest.